About MLFA

Max Level Fitness & Athletics specializes in adult fitness & youth athlete training, achieving maximum fitness potential & sustaining long-term results. We are a community grounded in service, education & working with local specialists, we empower adults, athletes & entire families to be the best versions of themselves - every day. Is your goal weight loss, building strength, sports performance, injury rehab, or just an overall healthier lifestyle? MLFA has fun & results-driven strategies to help you achieve your MAX level.

Tonya and Nate Robinson are both certified coaches and the owners of MLFA in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. They met and started dating in the summer of 2011, were married in October 2017, had their first little lion, Maxon Lee, in June 2019 and have been igniting the local fitness community for several years now. They live, laugh, love, travel, workout and coach together. The Yin to the Yang. Usually if you get one, you get the other, which is a pretty great thing!


Meet Your Trainers 


Tonya Robinson

“I love watching our members get stronger and gain confidence while challenging their bodies in ways they never thought possible. To see them putting energy into the physical and mental challenges, and overall life-long goals instead of the numbers is inspiring and honorable."

Tonya is an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified coach. Her passion for movement and fitness began at a very young age as a dancer, cheerleader, swimmer and sprinter.

She's a firm believer in daily movement, and holistic approaches to long-term health and happiness – incorporating various strength, endurance and flexibility components into all fitness programs. Using a number of effective exercises and methods, including: boxing, heavy weights, Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Tabata, barre, TRX® Suspension Training, and more, you're guaranteed a fun, challenging, and results-driven workout every time! 

While Tonya enjoys working with people of all fitness levels, she thrives with special populations, specifically young adults, middle-aged women, children and also prenatal and postnatal women.

Tonya is AFAA Certified, TRX® Suspension & Functional Training Qualified, and STOTT Pilates® & Total Barre™ Trained. Additionally, she has a Master of Science degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Minor in Political Science from SUNY Potsdam. 


Nate Robinson

“Success comes from confidence. My ultimate goal is to empower every athlete and client to where they no longer need my services.”  

Nate is a professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He graduated from Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Sciences. Additionally, he holds an Associate of Arts degree in Physical Education from Hudson Valley Community College. Nate was a standout football player and wrestler and has been a personal trainer since 2011.

Known as the Athlete Coach, Nate practices what he preaches: “I still train to this day and love playing sports.” Weight and strength training, plyometrics, boxing and agility, are the driving disciplines behind Nate’s results-based program selection. “The goals of the athlete always come first,” he says.

Most trainers want you to feel like you need them and only emphasize what you do wrong. They’re the kind of “trainer” that wants you to think you can’t succeed without their “secrets.” Nate is the kind of coach that emphasizes what you do well.