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Personal Trainings


Initial Consultation & Fitness Assessment

By Appointment

Your first session will be a one-hour 1:1 consultation. We’ll discuss health history and goals, take body measurements, and conduct a fitness assessment for ongoing benchmarking. From there, Tonya or Nate will develop a specific, personalized fitness program, inclusive of various strength and cardio workouts such as: free weights, kettle bells, boxing, HIIT, TRX® suspension training, Pilates and more. We’ll check-in monthly for body measurements and goal re-alignment, and to keep you on track.

1:1 Personal Training

By Appointment

Based on individually set goals, 1:1 personal training sessions with Tonya and Nate consist of a specific 1-hour workout regimen. Inclusive of various strength, flexibility, HIIT and cardio exercises, each session is catered to your needs and pushes you to the next level. You’ll do everything from heavy weights, kettle bells, boxing and agility, to HIIT, TRX® suspension training, Pilates, and more.

Semi-Private Personal Training

By Appointment

Want the perks of personal training but in a small group setting? Semi-private rates range from $30-$50 based on number of sessions per week and number of people in each small group (max of 5). Assessments and monthly measurements are included.

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Workout of the Day (WOD) Program (Self-Guided & Fitness Testing Required)

Tuesdays-Fridays 7am, Mondays-Thursdays 5pm -7pm; & Saturdays 8am

WOD will not be instructor led, but rather written up on the board to follow independently. Advanced prerequisites must be met in order to guarantee safety and success. Large-group classes can be subbed, as needed. All WOD packages expire 4 weeks from date of purchase, must be paid for in advance of workouts to receive discount, and require a 3-month commitment.


Athletic Training

By Appointment

Are you trained or untrained? Learn the principles for maximizing physical performance and unleashing athletic potential. Our cross-training techniques are based on research and proven experiences, and are designed to ensure: 1. Decreased risk of injury, 2. Increased muscular strength and flexibility (range of motion), 3. Improved neural-muscular connection (coordination), and 4. Enhanced aerobic conditioning. Free weights, medicine balls, sleds, ladders and other effective training tools are used in training sessions.

Follow-Up Measurements & Fitness Assessment (30-Mins)

By Appointment

This monthly check-in includes body measurements, fitness re-evaluations, basic nutrition guidance & goals follow-up. Recommended every 4-8 weeks.

Follow-Up Measurements & Fitness Assessment (15-Mins)

By Appointment

This check-in includes body measurements & a quick goals follow-up. Recommended every 4-8 weeks.


Large-Group Classes


Stretching for Athletes

Sundays 9am

Join Nate for a yin yoga-inspired stretching class for all of our adult athletes (youth of course welcome, too)! Enjoy a slow-paced style of stretching, with longer-held poses to build up energy, and more flexibility in the body's connective tissues, and for added circulation to the joints. Get ready for the week, slow and steady! Please bring your own yoga mat.

Boxers’ Beatdown

Mondays 8am

Join Tonya for a variety of boxing workouts focused on boxer-style training. Full rounds and intervals of high-intensity cardio and strength training. Heavy bags, target pads, jump rope, core, and bodyweight conditioning. Get ready to sweat and burn some serious calories, all while building your endurance and full-body strength.

HIIT & Strength 

Tuesdays 8am and 7pm

Tonya will lead you through challenging HITT circuits, including aerobic conditioning and plyo, and then you'll hit some heavy weights to build functional strength. Burn fat and build lean muscle!

Strengthen & Sculpt

Wednesdays 8am

Start your Hump Day strong (& lean) by joining Danielle Borelli for muscular strength circuits with muscular endurance & toning. Strengthen & Sculpt will change your body composition -- If there's muscle there, there's not fat!


Boxers’ Beatdown

Thursdays 8am or 7pm

Join Danielle Borelli for a variety of boxing workouts focused on boxer-style training. Full rounds and intervals of high-intensity cardio and strength training. Heavy bags, target pads, jump rope, core, and bodyweight conditioning. Get ready to sweat and burn some serious calories, all while building your endurance and full-body strength.

Week-End Bootcamp 

Fridays 8am

Join Tonya for a high-intensity and strength-building workout. Burn off the week's steam with a different (& fun!) workout every Friday - challenging your body in new and effective ways!

Strength & Power Training

Saturdays 9am

Building muscular strength, power and endurance has never been so much fun!  From compound strength exercises to plyometrics, you'll get stronger, quicker and more explosive each class. 

Quad/Graphics HIIT & Strength

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12:15pm-1pm

Join Tonya Robinson for HITT circuits, including aerobic conditioning, strength training & challenges - all aimed at burning fat and building lean muscle


Specialty Services


Boxing Training

By Appointment

You, your coach and a pair of gloves is all you’ll need for one of the best, if not thee best, fat-burning workouts around! Learn the punches of pros, and all that goes with them! You’ll master proper stance, guard, punch combinations and kicks. You’ll burn hundreds of calories while improving strength and endurance with: target pads, heavy bag work, agility and partner drills, and intense core exercises. You’ll be a boxer before you know it! We offer Boxing 101s, personal trainings, group workouts and parties. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome, and no experience is necessary! 

Prenatal Training

By Appointment

Tonya & Nate have lots of experience with mommmies-to-be and those planning to start a family. Whether you’re looking for that 1:1 attention or to be part of an encouraging group, you’ll be safe, comfortable and stress free with TNT Saratoga. Together we’ll set realistic expectations and goals, develop an exercise program that’ll keep you (and your baby!) healthy, strong, flexible and in shape for the hardest job in the world…being a mom.

Family Fitness

By Appointment

Family is the root of our community. We love kids, and we really love when they get to have some healthy fun with their parents! Get a challenging, personalized workout to do with your children, OR they can even work with another TNT coach on their own! Either way, parents and grandparents are sweating it out, and the kids are burning off some energy. They’ll learn and better their basic agility, coordination, strength and balance with unique and challenging drills. All ages 5 years and up, and all levels are welcome.

Parties, Schools & Events

By Appointment

Looking for a different kind of celebration? The one everyone talks about for weeks? For your next birthday, employee party, school event, or special occasion, why not have some fitness fun and healthy competition? Book TNT now to put together an unforgettable: group workout, boxing routine, trail run, scavenger hunt, fitness obstacle course & more!

Concierge Trainings

By Appointment

Gyms aren’t your thing? Want to change your workout up a bit? We’ll come to you! Tonya and Nate both offer in-home and onsite personal trainings. So if you’re low on time, or just like your privacy, you won’t miss out on a great workout. If you have an at-home gym, are an outdoor person, or want to hit the bike trails, we’ll meet you there!