6-WEEK SOCCER Skills, Strength & Conditioning Program

Sign up now for our fast-paced, soccer-specific 6-week Skills, Strength and Conditioning (SSC) Program. Improve technical ability and strength & conditioning. Players will learn to devote more energy to THINKING during game play and less time to first touch, passing, dribbling, and how tired they are!

Receive specialized ball skill training from Adam Costello (Colgate University Soccer Captain 2011) and strength and conditioning from Nate Robinson (National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and co-owner of TNT).

Sessions start Saturday, March 2nd, at 12pm and are 75 minutes. 6-week program costs $200 with an additional week of complimentary training held as a makeup/extra session on the 7th week.

Wear turfs, bring water and please arrive 10 minutes early and be ready to work hard.

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