Our Services

MLFA specializes in Adult Fitness & Youth Athlete Training. Further details on classes, trainings & programs are detailed below!



Max Level offers a variety of Bootcamp, Boxing & Stretch classes.

In Bootcamps you'll enjoy a variety of high-intensity and strength-focused workouts from circuits to AMRAP & EMOM challenges. Boxing workouts are focused on boxer-style training, from Tabata intervals to full 3-minute rounds of high-intensity heavy bag, cardio and bodyweight strength training. Stretch combines diaphragmatic breathing, Vinyasa & Yin yoga all in one class. You’ll enjoy flowing, dynamic stretches as well as statically-held poses to build up energy, and more flexibility.

Max of 25 people per class.

Strength & Conditioning Group Trainings


Max Level's adult training groups are a level up from classes. Sessions follow a strategic strength & conditioning program, inclusive of initial testing & ongoing assessments, body measurements & specific Day 1-4 weekly workouts. 

These groups are smaller & require an advanced understanding of strength training & conditioning tactics.

Max of 8 people per trainer. 

1:1 Personal Trainings

At Max Level, personal trainings are considered true 1:1 trainings with your personal trainer. Sessions follow a strategic strength & conditioning program, inclusive of initial testing and ongoing assessments, body measurements & specific weekly workouts based on individual goals.


Youth Athletes


Max Level's Youth Athletic Trainings can be scheduled during set athlete hours at 3pm & 4pm Mon-Fri, and at 10:30am on Mon, Wed, Fri during summertime and holiday breaks.

All athletes will be assessed during a 1:1 initial session & categorized into Next, High & Max Level programs, with ongoing testing every 6-8 weeks to progress accordingly. All levels & sports are welcome as programs are individually designed & not performed as a group.

Our 2x/week and 4x/week training programs are designed based on athletes' specific goals of building strength &/or conditioning.

2 Day Program:

  • 2 days of Strength OR

  • 2 days of Conditioning OR

  • 1 day of Strength & 1 day of Conditioning

4 Day Program:

  • Day 1: Strength (Upper)

  • Day 2:Conditioning

  • Day 3: Strength (Lower)

  • Day 4:Conditioning

Max of 8 athletes per trainer.


6-Week Sports-Specific Programs

Max Level's Youth Athlete Programs are 6-weeks long & include sports-specific skills, strength & conditioning training from local D1 athletes and coaches. Teams can choose from 1x/week or 2x/week per 6-week program.

Training sessions are 60-mins and consist of: 5-10 mins warm-up, ~25 mins special skills & ~25 mins strength & conditioning; 5-10 mins fun group finisher/challenge.

First come, first serve for dates & times throughout the year:

  • Mon-Fri 10a-12p (Summer)

  • Mon & Wed 6p-9p

  • Fri 6:15-7:15p

  • Sat 11a-2p

Minimum of 5 per group. Groups range from 3rd grade to college level.

For further details & to coordinate your team’s 6-week program email us NOW!


Specialty Services


Max Level offers a variety of specialty services, too. From Boxing How Tos, & Birthday/Bachelorette Parties to Prenatal Training, Family Fitness, & events at schools, parties or work. You name it, we can make it happen at Max Level!

For further details, pricing & to coordinate your training or event email us NOW!


Training & Flex Rental Space

Are you a Max Level trainer at heart and just need some space to support your clientele? Our brand new facility in the center of downtown Saratoga Springs, N.Y. is available for rent by the hour for trainings with your own clientele & for special events. Monday-Friday 10am-3pm & 8pm-11pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am-11pm, as available. Certification, insurance and own clientele required.