Our Services

MLFA specializes in Adult Fitness & Youth Athlete Training. Further details on classes, trainings & programs are detailed below!



Max Level offers a variety of Bootcamp, Boxing & Stretch classes.

In Bootcamps you'll enjoy a variety of high-intensity and strength-focused workouts from circuits to AMRAP & EMOM challenges. Boxing workouts are focused on boxer-style training, from Tabata intervals to full 3-minute rounds of high-intensity heavy bag, cardio and bodyweight strength training. Stretch combines diaphragmatic breathing, Vinyasa & Yin yoga all in one class. You’ll enjoy flowing, dynamic stretches as well as statically-held poses to build up energy, and more flexibility.

Minimum of 5 signed up in advance to hold class; max of 25.

Strength & Conditioning Group Trainings


Max Level's adult training groups are a level up from classes. Sessions follow a strategic strength & conditioning program, inclusive of initial testing & ongoing assessments, body measurements & specific Day 1-4 weekly workouts. 

These groups are smaller & require an advanced understanding of strength training & conditioning tactics.

Max of 8 people per trainer. 

1:1 Personal Trainings

At Max Level, personal trainings are considered true 1:1 trainings with your personal trainer. Sessions follow a strategic strength & conditioning program, inclusive of initial testing and ongoing assessments, body measurements & specific weekly workouts based on individual goals.


Youth Athletes


Beginning April 29th, Max Level's Youth Athletic Trainings can be scheduled every 30-minutes during set athlete hours from 3pm-5:30pm Mon-Fri. 

All athletes will be assessed during a 1:1 initial session & categorized into Next, High & Max Level programs, with ongoing assessments to progress accordingly. All levels & sports are welcome as programs are individually designed & not performed as a group.

Our 2x/week and 4x/week training programs are designed based on athletes' specific goals of building strength &/or conditioning.

2 Day Program:

  • 2 days of Strength OR

  • 2 days of Conditioning OR

  • 1 day of Strength & 1 day of Conditioning

4 Day Program:

  • Day 1: Strength (Upper)

  • Day 2:Conditioning

  • Day 3: Strength (Lower)

  • Day 4:Conditioning

Max of 6-8 Athletes per Trainer.


6-Week Sports-Specific Programs

Max Level's Youth Athlete Programs are 6-weeks long & include sports-specific skills, strength & conditioning training. Teams can choose from 1x/week or 2x/week per 6-week program.

Training sessions are 60-mins and consist of: 5-10 mins warm-up, ~25 mins special skills & ~25 mins strength & conditioning; 5-10 mins fun group finisher/challenge.

First come, first serve for dates & times throughout the year:

  • Mon-Fri 10a-12p (Summer)

  • Mon & Wed 6p-9p

  • Fri 6:15-7:15p

  • Sat 11a-2p

Groups range from 3rd grade to college level.

Minimum of 5 per group; discounts available w/ 10+ athletes per group.

For further details & to coordinate your team’s 6-week program email us NOW!


Specialty Services


Max Level offers a variety of specialty services, too. From Boxing How Tos, & Birthday/Bachelorette Parties to Prenatal Training, Family Fitness, & events at schools, parties or work. You name it, we can make it happen at Max Level!

For further details, pricing & to coordinate your training or event email us NOW!


Training & Flex Rental Space

Our brand new facility in the center of downtown Saratoga Springs, N.Y. is available for rent by the hour for trainings with your own clientele & for special events. Monday-Friday 10am-3pm & 8pm-11pm, Saturdays & Sundays 11am-11pm, as available.